Mission Statement

To successfully align and market Shades of Color LLC., my new sports apparel clothing line with the 2024 World Cup games and the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, a strategic approach is crucial. Initiate a marketing and selling countdown each year leading up to both events, starting from 2023 for the World Cup and 2025 for the Olympics. Strategies include pursuing licensing for official merchandise, developing World Cup and Olympic-themed collections featuring iconic elements of Los Angeles, and exploring sponsorships or partnerships with Olympic-associated athletes, teams, and organizations. Leverage social media and content marketing to build anticipation, utilizing hashtags like #LA2028 and #Olympics for visibility. Establish physical presence through pop-up shops and events, collaborating with local businesses for cross-promotion. Secure athlete endorsements and engage influencers for heightened credibility. Create limited-edition releases for exclusivity, and actively participate in community events to strengthen our brand's connection to the Olympics. Shades of Color can establish a strong presence leading up to both events, maximizing sales and brand recognition. It is crucial to adhere to licensing agreements, respect the Olympic brand, and initiate marketing efforts well in advance to maximize anticipation and interest in Shades of Color's World Cup and Olympic-themed sports apparel.

**Official Statement on World Cup & Olympic Licensing**


Reference on this Website to the 2026 FIFA World Cup and
2028 Olympic Games, and related events and entities, including but not limited
to FIFA, IOC, and USOC (collectively, "the World Cup," "the
Olympics"), is for presentation purposes only.


The information presented on this Website has been compiled
from publicly available documents. This Shades of Color Website makes no claim
to any rights in or to the World Cup and/or Olympics and associated
intellectual property. Shades of Color, as an intellectual property owner,
respects the intellectual property of others. To the extent that Shades of
Color will explore a future relationship with the FIFA World Cup and Olympics,
Shades of Color will seek to obtain the appropriate sponsorship rights.



With multiple unique entry points and price points across
the FIFA landscape, the right partnership can create brand awareness with an
already highly engaged audience. Football (soccer) fans are loyal and
passionate—especially when it comes to supporting their teams &
athletes—and will spend a considerable amount of effort/time to follow and
consume dynamic content. Interestingly, 67% of football fans think brands are
more appealing when they participate in sports sponsorship. There will be ample
opportunities for brands of all sizes to leverage marketing benefits and
impactfully deliver significant brand presence as a sponsor.



The 2028 Summer Olympic games will bring great opportunity
to become a brand that is an approved merchandiser to create Olympic-Games
related products. Entering such a deal will not only create huge notoriety but
will also introduce valuable royalty income for years to come. The following
excerpt is from Chapter 5 of the publicly available "OLYMPIC MARKETING


The 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2028 Olympic Games will
present unique branding opportunities, and Shades of Color is preparing for
those opportunities. The following depicts early options for the logos and
branding in preparation for a World Cup and Olympic licensing agreement for the
2026 and 2028 games.